Get well soon song "When The Rain" by Corey Koehler

If you are looking for a get well soon song, check out my song “When The Rain.”

The song was inspired by a trip to the the hospital to visit my cousin who was going through a rough time health wise.

The song is to remind her (and everyone going through a rough time) that the bluest skies come after rain.

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Just so you know, the player is locked until you share the track on Facebook. Why? For a few reasons. First, it makes it easy for you to help me spread the word (thank you). Second, it makes you look like a hero to your friends by turning them on to some new music.

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Pay What You Want

You will notice that the price is currently set to “Pay What You Want.” It means what it says and even includes paying nothing (yep, the song is completely free. Costs you $0). And you can download the song in any version you would like – mp3, wav, ogg, etc . Hell you can even send a copy to your friends if you feel like it and I will not call the internet police or the RIAA or anything like that.

Just so you know, If you pay anything at all between now and the first Monday in April (when I release my next song), I will put your name in the song credits under “Associate Producer” or whatever title you choose. This will forever link you to the song and proudly put you on display for everyone to see that you are supporting one very grateful musician. Your name will reside in the credits on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, CdBaby, etc for now but when it comes time to release physical copy of the CD, it will be there too.

“Your contribution not only helps me offset the cost of providing this music for free but it also tells me that you think what I am doing is worth the effort and that you want me to continue creating more music and moments for you.”

A Big THANKS to last month contributors – Associate Producers: Brian Meek, Jim Jerome, Nicole Gentry and self proclaimed Podcasting Bitch: Greg Davies.

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Your Thoughts?

What do you think of the “When The Rain?” How does the song make you feel? Leave a comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Oh and remember, this is just the one song in the string of many. My “One Song A Month Indefinitely” plan is in full swing so keep an eye out on my blog via RSS or jump on my newsletter for future releases because if you are digging this tune, you will not be sorry you did.

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