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If you landed on my website, you’re probably a fan of my music, or you’ve heard one of my tunes somewhere and want to hear more. Either way, I appreciate you stopping by.

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You’ll like Corey’s original music if great vocals and acoustic-based music that is colored with Americana, Folk, Country, Rock, Red Dirt and the truth.

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Celebrate A Job Well Done

Beer always taste best after you’ve accomplished something, after you’ve finished the job.

Corey creates music, podcasts and all his content to serve people who work hard while aiming to encourage those who are willing to strive for more, to not settle.


“Musically he makes you want to raise a beer and toast yourself for making it this far”

Jamison Lee

Music Critic

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“Corey makes you feel like you’ve been friends for years as he shares stories and sings songs from an extensive playlist that covers various artists and his own compositions.”

Sarah Severson

La Crescent Applefest Official Website

“Never Too Late is a kind of ‘every man’ record for the hard-working Joes who know that all you need to enjoy life is a good beer and the love of a good woman. Great words to live by. The album is also touching for its sincerity because of Corey’s ability to make the listener comfortable, whether it be from his asides or his laid back nature.”

Felicia Ceballos-Marroquin


”Corey…”Take This Ring” brought tears to my eyes. You are such an amazing and talented artist.”


Marcy M.

Lifelong Friend

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