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I can’t wait for you to hear!

Meanwhile, I thought it is cool to share a little of my background because I’m guessing that if you are reading this, we might have some things in common.

The earliest I remember actively listening to music was when I was a teenager. It was the 80’s so my music of choice was hard rock and metal. This may be a surprise since, well, my music isn’t either of those (more on that in a minute). My friend called me a glam rocker because I usually leaned more toward the melodic stuff (Dokken, Whitesnake, White Lion, etc).

I was the guy hanging out in music stores, fingers through almost every cassette and cd on the shelves. Hell there were times when I wouldn’t eat in order to save my lunch money to buy new releases (Motley Crue “Girls, Girls, Girls” and Metallica “Garage Days” were a few I bought that way).

I still love hard rock and metal to this day and it’s still a huge influence on me.

BUT here is where my sound started to form.

A lot of the country you hear in my tunes came from my Dad. There were many nights you’d hear the legends like Waylon, Willie, Elvis, Kenny Rogers, the Everly Brothers and more, cranked up late at night. That stuff was seeping in and now I love it.

My dad always hated the music I listened to but after high school, we started to see eye to eye a bit more. The first time we ever saw eye to eye on music was when he heard Guns ‘n Roses “Lies”. He was into it.

Also, I was listening to more and more classic rock, Bob Seger, The Eagles,  I LOVE Led Zeppelin and the list goes on. Plus in the nineties, there was the whole “unplugged” thing happening which I really got into (Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Days Of The New, etc).

Hell, I am all for the marriage of acoustic and electric.

I think that is why I really love some of newer Red Dirt and Texas Country bands like Whiskey Myers, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Blackberry Smoke. A good mix of country and rock, acoustic and electric.

I’ve been a big music fan my entire life but didn’t start writing and playing until my mid-thirties (yep, a late bloomer). So what you hear with my tunes is a HUGE mix of many styles over the course of 30+ years.

Fast forward to today and I’ve created 2 albums worth of music (they are right here).

And I have a ton more in the hopper waiting to be finished and released. So stay tuned.

Anyway, sorry to blab. I will let you go so you can actually start listening to the songs I’m sending you.

Have a good one,


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