FM Fan Pack

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for investing in my music. Your contribution will go a long way toward helping me create more music for you in the future.

Your CD and Can Coolies are shipping out as we speak.

Meanwhile, you can start listening, downloading and reading FM music, the Radio Show and Lyric eBook using the links below.



  1. Download “Why Wait” (right click and save as)
  2. Download “Frac Sand Blues” (right click and save as)
  3. Download “I Think About You” (right click and save as)
  4. Download “When The Rain” (right click and save as)
  5. Download “Lets Take A Walk” (right click and save as)
  6. Download “See You Smile” (right click and save as)
  7. Download “Brown Boots” (right click and save as)
  8. Download “When the Wind Blows Softly” (right click and save as)

FM Radio Show Download

Here’s a guided tour of every song on FM. I did it in a way that is very similar to a radio show so you can just download hit play and listen (PLEASE NOTE: this is a big file, it might take a bit to download depending on your internet connection).

Click here to download “FM Radio Show” (right click and save as)

FM Art and Lyric eBook

Most of these songs were released as singles in 2012 and I had album art created for each one. I also included the lyrics, credits and a few song facts..

Click here to download “FM Art and Lyric Journal” pdf (right click and save as)

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