planetcorey music podcast 001For today’s debut show, I start it off with a playlist that will clear your mind and mellow you out but still keep those toes a tappin. I give you the “Kick Back Kick Off.”

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About This Podcast

Can you answer yes to any of the following 3 three questions?

  1. Do you have a hard time finding time to find good new music to listen to?
  2. Do you miss the good old days when a living, breathing DJ – and not a bot or algorithm – hand picked the music for you?
  3. Do you have a hard time listening to just one kind of music?
If you said – or thought – yes to any of those questions, then you will like what I have for you today.

Since I can remember I’ve loved recommending new music to people and “playing” DJ so I decided to start a new music podcast that I am calling the PlanetCorey Music Podcast.

Each show will feature hand picked music (no bots or algorithms here) and all music genre’s are fair game – folk, rock, Americana, country, blues, pop, metal and everything in between.

Each show will be themed with a different genre, feel or mood with the occasional “anything goes.”

Basically, the main goal of each show is to entertain you with kick ass music and related talk (what more could you ask for).

Music You Heard on this Podcast…

Jokers and Jacks – “No Way To Go”

Trinity DeMask – “Whatever Is”

Ben Stokes – “California”

Modern Day Moonshine – “Don’t Waste …”

Carey Ott – “Ain’t No Upside (Livin’ On Tha Downside)”

Special Thanks To…

…Racer X from RippleMusic for his pick of the week.
…You for listening!


Opening and closing by Mike Lamb at

Say Something…

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Pssst… not only do I make podcasts I also make music and my “One Song A Month Indefinitely” plan is in full swing which means I will be releasing new music the first Monday of every month.

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