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“One Step At A Time” by Corey Koehler

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This tune started as an ode to one of my favorite watering holes. It then turned into a celebration of taking it easy after a long work week and finding the key to real luxury.

Grab a drink – or whatever it is that relaxes you – and press PLAY. You worked all week. Now it’s time to step back and recharge your batteries, and nothing is gonna stop you.

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[su_box title=”LISTEN LIVE this Saturday night, June 13th at Broken World Records (Winona)” box_color=”#f78f10″]You are invited to hang out with Corey, Sparks the Cajone player and many other cool ass people down at Broken World Records this Saturday night June 13th. Corey will be performing “One Step at a Time” (3rd song first set), other acoustic originals and his twists on many popular and rare covers. Stop by the Facebook events page to say hi and to let Corey know if he should be looking for you. Click here:[/su_box]

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