If you are interested in some chit chat about writing music, some of my influences and how some of my songs came about, I think you will like this. Here is an interview that I did on a Madison Wisconsin podcast called SongwriterSynergy.

They guy interviewing me is Eric Schumann. He is also a musician and a songwriter. I’ve met him personally a few times now and he is a good guy. Hell, one of the times he drove all the way from Madison to Alma to watch us play. I couldn’t believe it!

He was also nice enough to record some audio, take some pictures and capture some video from the Dees Chees (Mt. Horeb, WI) and Big Tony’s (Alma, WI) gigs. I need to sort through all of it so I can show you some of that too.

Anyway, go now and check out the interview SongwritersSynergy.

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