corey-koehler-fm-1024x1024There was a time when I thought I would release my FM album as a radio show. Basically the idea was for me to personally introduce each song as if I was a DJ on a radio station (That is “partly” where the album title FM came from).

But after asking many of you a few months back I learned that half of you likes the idea and half of you didn’t. So I figured I would do both.

Here’s the radio show version which is basically a guided tour of the album. This will give you a deeper look into what went into all the songs.

How to listen to this.

It is a little over an hour long so you might want to:

  • Listen while you work. Office or while doing housework.
  • Download it and save it for a long walk or drive.
  • Download and listen when you are ready to relax with a few cold ones.

You can listen and download below OR if you’d like I posted it over on YouTube as well.

Press play!


Click To Download the FM Radio Show

If you like what you hear, let me know in the comments below and go get a copy for your music collection.

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FM is also available pretty much anywhere else online.

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