If you are looking for a nice drive, some sanity and maybe some good breakfast, I have a suggestion for you.

250 Miles

Last Wednesday I set out down highway 61 along the Mississippi River to the play a gig up at School II in Chanhassen, MN.  At the gig, MJ, One of the artist that played that night, talked during her set about how beautiful it was driving along the same stretch a few days earlier. Man, I could not agree more.

That stretch of highway of is possibly the most beautiful stretches of any I’ve ever been on, especially in the fall with all the leaves turning brown, yellow, red and everything in between. Funny how I’ve been down that rode hundreds of times throughout my life but for some reason it never really hit me until this trip.

Anyway, if you live nearby and you get a chance, make sure you take the drive before all the leaves are gone.

The Perfect Breakfast

Also on the trip I decided stop for breakfast. A few years back some friends and I stopped at a place called “The Whistle Stop Cafe” which is in Frontenac just outside of Lake City on the a recommendation from my uncle Bruce. The home-cooked food and excellent service was was reeling me in again.

Highway 61 in fall color

For the record, I am kind of pissed at myself for not having a camera along with me so I could've taken a few shot around Lake Pepin and then shared them with you. But, this pic should give you an idea. - Image by Jvstin via Flickr

This time was no exception. Everything tasted AWESOME. The hasbrowns, that filled almost the entire plate, where cooked perfectly and tasted like they where just shredded using potatoes from a nearby garden.

I went with eggs over medium because I was in a toast-dipping mood. They were cooked perfect!

And I even stepped out of my comfort zone a bit by choosing something outside of the usual ham-sausage-bacon medley by opting for kielbasa (my German and Polish heritage were begging me). Lots of times meat like this can be too spicy or extremely greasy but not this time. Again, very good.

As far as the service, I had my food in front of my quick and steaming hot despite a full parking lot and crowded dining room (at 10am on a weekday). The gal working was very nice and seemed to have a good spirit about her. She never let me see the bottom of my coffee cup (constantly stopping by to fill it up).

In The End

Overall, it was a pretty damn good 24 hours. I had a gorgeous drive, a great breakfast, heard some great music and had some great conversation with new and old friends the night a the gig. It was the kind of day that breaks up the monotony of the weekly grind and fills your soul with a breathe of fresh air.  How about you, had any days like that lately?

The Video

And here is some a video of me playing my tune “On My Way” that night. Looking back on it, the song really fits the whole experience.

P.S – A huge thanks to MJ for inviting me up, Jamie and AJ for letting me crash at their house, Rod for offering to let me crash at his, Stephanie for the video and to everyone who came out that night (even if you didn’t get to hear any music, Marta – lol).

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