BäähhhhNot sure if you knew this but before I started getting serious about right, recording and performing my own music I started a music podcast and review site called Musicgoat.com. Ya see I love sharing music almost as much as I like writing and playing it. In fact there was a time in my life where I wanted to be a radio DJ.

So why am i telling you this? Well I just wanted to share my latest music podcast with you.

I call the show the Melting Pot since I like a variety of different music. I usually post the show over on Musicgoat.com but I am gonna start putting it up on my PlanetCorey site so you can listen in too.

I call the latest episode “Acoustic Soul And Folk Maintain. I found some great artists that I am sure you will like. The music on this one can be described as mellow, insightful, upbeat, soulful, motivational and would be great to grab a drink and kick back too.

Some artist are local to me – I live in Winona, MN – and others are from as far away as Maine and Portland, OR.

Listen now and share with everyone you know (they will love you for it).

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Artists And Songs heard on this podcast

Jokers And Jacks – “Now Way To Go”

Nick Shattuck – “Follow The River”

Nick Shattuck – “Best That I Can”

Chris Kendall – “Sing The Same Song”

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