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Was your Labor Day weekend as good as mine? Not only was the weather perfect, but I played a lot of music, met some good people and had a chance to spend some quality time with friends and family.

In the playing department, I played until my fingers bled last weekend – ok they didn’t bleed but it sounds better than “until they were sore” and it wasn’t a bad way to reference an old eighties tune (do you know the one I’m talking about?). Anyway, Friday night at Money Creek Haven I sat and played around the campfire for some close friends, Saturday night I debuted my new PA system for some company we had over and then Sunday with a 3 hour stint at Twin Bluffs Tavern.

While playing at Twin Bluffs, I had some great experiences. One experience in particular reinforced how lucky I am to finally realize what the hell it was I was put on this earth to do – write and play music to connect with good people. I met a middle aged couple – his name is Jim and and hers is Barbara. After I was done playing I went over to thank them for signing up for my newsletter and discovering that they really connected with my songs (which is an amazing feeling). I discovered that they were two very positive people with a very cool story.

To make a long, heartwarming story way to short (ask me about the long version next time I see you), it turns out they were married in a hot air balloon in Colorado on Memorial Day weekend. Can you imagine floating through the mountains? Talk about a natural high.

Then, with no reservations, they ended up getting lucking and finding a motel in the town of Cripple Creek, Colorado (Remember that tune by The Band? sing it…”Up on Cripple Creek”… ).  It was the last room they had and it just happened to be the honeymoon suite. On top of that, it was the only room with its own bathroom. The stars were aligned for them that night. You could tell it was a pretty special day by the way looked at each other while they were talking about it. Hopefully you can meet them sometime.

The owner of Twin Bluffs, Chuck, said he liked what he heard, that he got some great feedback from everyone there and would he would definitely have us back. That is a good thing because – in addition to the great atmosphere and very friendly crowd – they make a damn good pizza. Doc ordered this thing called “the Garbage Can.” It was a thin crust that stood about an inch high with everything piled on it. Good stuff!

So what did you do Labor Day weekend? Did you meet anyone cool? Drink too much or too little? Read the rest of that book? Brush up on your Latin? What? Feel free to share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about it.

See you this Saturday at the L-Cove and remember to wear your lucky underwear so that you are the one who wins the full body massage I’ll be giving away.


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