A few weeks back I was at the Trempeleau Hotel to a attend a meeting for a discussion group I am involved with. A fellow member – and successful business/family man – by the name of Roger Zehren gave me a piece of very simple advise that I figured I would share with you.

When I arrived he asked how my music pursuits were going. I told him about the shows I did and the song I recorded. Then I also mentioned that I brought a CD along – with me that night – because I knew that the Hotel books many acoustic acts similar to mine and that I was going to present it to them “after” the meeting in the hopes that I could get a gig.

He asked me what I was waiting for and suggested that I do it right away. I told Roger that I was a little apprehensive about approaching the bartender and “bugging” him with my pitch right now – it didn’t feel right. To which Roger replies, “You gotta put yourself out there. If you want something, you gotta go get it”

I thought about it for a second and then thought to myself “Screw it, Rogers right!” So I did it.

Not only did it feel liberating – and even a tad exciting – but, it turns out the guy behind the bar just happened to be the person in charge of booking the shows. And if I had waited til after the meeting, he would have been gone.

Even though I haven’t heard from the Hotel yet – and even if I don’t – I learned a valuable lesson that I will not forget. Just like Roger said “You gotta put yourself out there. If you want something you gotta go get it”

How about you? There has to be something you want. Are you putting it off? How about going to go get it?

Pssst…feel free to share any related stories below. We’d all love to hear them.

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