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Have you ever had a good massage? If so, you know why I love them. If not, then you are missing out big time. Bummer!

Not only do they just feel damn good but there are a ton of health benefits associated with them. Things like stress reduction, improved immune system, increased circulation, healthier skin, and a few others you can find here.

Why I Am Telling You This

Well, other than the fact that I wanted to keep you guys up to speed on all things that keep you relaxed and healthy inside and out, I wanted to tell you that I am giving everyone – who comes to this Saturdays show at Westfield – a chance to win one.

My friend, and very skilled masseuse, Kari Babler has agreed to partner up with me by offering up a full body version. The great thing about Kari too is she doesn’t have a set time she goes until the job is job is done – she shoots for an hour BUT if she doesn’t hit it, she will finish.

Stop out to the Westfield Golf Course Lounge between 7pm and 9pm. Doc and I work on your mental – via our music – and you’ll get the chance to let Kari help you with everything else. See you there!

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