Just wanted to give you a heads up on the release of a new version of an older song.

This song, On My Way, was originally recorded and released back in 2010. The original recording did not have drums or bass guitars due to a lack of funds. So after years of playing it with a full band, and feeling the jolt of energy having a rhythm section gave to the song, I knew I had to add them.

Also, the theme and the release of this song also correlated perfectly with the new year. This song helps turn the page on a few challenging years and sets a tone for optimism going into 2022.

Listen to this song and I promise you’ll feel the difference in your mood before you even get through the first chorus.

I can’t wait to hear what you think.

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At this time the song is only available on Bandcamp. Press play below to listen now.

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You will notice that the price is currently set to “Pay What You Want.” It means what it says and even includes paying nothing (yep, the song is completely free. Costs you $0). And you can stream and download the song in any version you would like – mp3, wav, ogg, etc . Hell you can even send a copy to your friends if you feel like it and I will not call the internet police or the RIAA or anything like that.

Just so you know, If you donate anything at all between now and January 24th, 2021 (when the song is officially released), I will put your name in the song credits under “Associate Producer” or whatever title you choose. Your contribution will forever link you to the song and proudly put you on display for everyone to see that you are supporting one very grateful musician. Your name will reside in the credits on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, CdBaby, etc and wherever else I can think of for now but when it comes time to release physical copy of the CD, it will be there too.

“Your contribution lets me know that you think the music I make adds value to your life and that I should create more. On top of that, your donation also helps to support the musicians, artists, and businesses who help me create the music and deliver it. Everyone from the album cover art artist to the session musicians to the mixing and mastering engineers benefit from your contribution.”

Corey Koehler

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Your Thoughts?

What do you think of “On My Way?” How does the song make you feel? Leave a comment below I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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