I just wanted to give you a heads up on how last Saturdays L-Cove show went and then share some reading material that should inspire you, maybe put a few dollars in your pocket and put a smile on your face. Here goes.

You Guys Rock!

Wow! What a great time last Saturday night. I am so glad many of you came out to check out the show. Thank you all!

I did record some of the evenings music and am hoping to get some good material to use on my CD. The night will be etched in stone.

Also, other than the music, there were some great crowd moments that should pop up on the CD in some way. Ray Roberts in particular stands out. He does the coolest “YEAH BABY” and I will be looking for a good place to put it.

I can’t wait to party with you guys again!

The Million Dollar Suitcase

The next thing I wanted to share with you is an ebook I read awhile ago. It was written by a man named Karl Warren. I don’t know how he is and I am not even sure how I ended up with the book but it is an inspiring read – especially if you are looking to accomplish something or make a change in your life.

It is not very long at all and it shouldn’t take more than a half hour or so to read. Check it out and share your thoughts below.

Click here to read the Million Dollar Suitcase (oh, and you can download it if you right click and save as)

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