New Music Podcast - PlanetCoreyWe’re ramping up the energy and distortion a little in this one. Oh…and don’t worry, there really aren’t any pickpockets or loose women (I’ don’t think anyway). The sign is just a conversation piece.

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Music You Heard on this Podcast…

“Scream” – The Design

“Always Wondering” – Brian David Band

“Dirt” – Calisus

“Metal Damage” – Stone Ax

“Voodoo” – Trucker Diablo

“Up All Night” – Kenny Olson Cartel

“Grease Monkey” – Surf Nation

Special Thanks To…

…Racer X from RippleMusic for his picks.
…You for listening!


Opening and closing by Mike Lamb at
Jim Jerome for the contribution and the introduction to the Brian David Band
Photo Credit – Me (its hanging in my neighbors garage, it made my smile and I’m sharing).

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