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If you’ve been around me for very long you know that I have always LOVED discovering and sharing music. Way before I was writing and performing music, I was trading tapes and cd’s, I was swapping recommendations with anyone and everyone who brought up music and I was sifting through every rack looking for new and/or rare tapes, albums and CD’s at music stores (Remember those?).

I guess you could say that I am a music geek.

I found a new website that allows me to do some of those things once again and figured I’d share it with you. the site is called

Be A DJ… lets you find songs and video’s from just about any artist and then immediately share it with anyone you are connected to within and other sites like Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM and others. You are a DJ/VJ.

Anything and Everything…

Another cool thing about is the diversity you can hear by listening other “DJ’s” (everyone is a DJ on stuff. If you are like me, than you love all types of music. You can hear Johnny Cash one minute, John Mayer the next, then Snoop Dogg, then….I think you get the point. You just never know and that’s half the fun. It is something that you rarely get these days on terrestrial radio.

It is pretty cool sharing tunes with anyone and everyone who might be be passing by one of your profiles.

Let’s Hook Up…

Anyway, I figured I’d pass that along. I haven’t been Blipping a ton but I am more and more everday. Stop by, grab a profile, add me as a freind and start blipping. You can find me on here. I’d love to see what kind of stuff you’re listening to.

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