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Back in 2002 Bonnie Cooper experienced the unthinkable, she lost her mother and brother within 7 months of each other (can you imagine? either can I).

While making arrangements for the funeral she looked everywhere for music that would provide a fitting memorial to lay her loved ones to rest. Unfortunately, she didn’t find anything.

Knowing first hand that there was a need for this type of resource she decided to build her own memorial music site.

300 Per Day

Her site is called . It is currently helping 300 people a day who visit her site looking for music for funerals and memorial site.

Help Me Return The Favor

I found out about Bonnie after she reached out to me to ask if she could feature my song “Minnesota Got Colder” on the front page. To return the favor, I want to help spread the word about her story and her site.

Join me in helping Bonnie spread the word. Forward here site to anyone you know of who may be looking for this type of music: Funeral homes, churches, anyone needing some comfort, making arrangements for memorial, etc.

Do You Know of Any Songs?

Also, Bonnie is always looking for more music for the site. If you have any ideas for songs that would be perfect for the library, either stop by the site and recommend them yourself or just put them in the comments below and I will be sure to pass them on.

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