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Listen to what others are saying about Corey

“Musically he makes you want to raise a beer and toast yourself for making it this far”

Jamison Lee

Music Critic

”Corey…”Take This Ring” brought tears to my eyes. You are such an amazing and talented artist.”

Marcy M.

Lifelong Friend

“[his album] Never Too Late is a kind of ‘every man” record for the hard-working Joe’s who know that all you need is a good beer and the love of a good women.”

“Wow! Is this rock, alternative, country, blues, americana? I think a little bit of each. Great vocals remind me of someone but I can’t wrap my mind around it. Down home nostalgic alt/country flavored rock n roll.”


Bandcamp Fan

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You like great vocals and acoustic based music that is colored with Americana, Folk, Country, Rock, Red Dirt and the truth.

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