Album Art "When the Wind Blows Softly by Corey KoehlerIt’s your friendly neighborhood Singer Songwriter Corey Koehler here and I have some new music for you. Its a new song that I call “When the Wind Blows Softly.”

Typically this is the place where I tell you a little bit about the song but this month I’m not going to tell you.

Why you say?

Well, after thinking about it the past few weeks, I realized that by telling you what “I” think the song is about I may be cheating you out of experiencing and internalizing the song for yourself (I explain it better in the video below).

So go ahead, take a listen and if you feel like it shoot me an email. I’d love to hear what the song means to you.

Watch This First…

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Heavy on the pillow
Your eyes are open wide
So much for dreaming
The wind is howling tonight

Staring at the ceiling
Pacing the floor in your mind
Can’t stop the bleeding
Their words carve you up inside

When the wind blows
When the wind blows softly you’ll know
When the wind blow baby
When the wind blows softly you’ll know

You hear the whispers
You feel the pitchforks they throw with their eyes
Your lips are frozen
You’re trapped in a room full of whys

When the wind blows
When the wind blows softly you’ll know
When the wind blow baby
When the wind blows softly you’ll know

So let the black clouds rain
Windy mouths and head-shakers will, always have their say

But you see they’re the ones with the shades pulled down can’t feel the sun
can’t stand the mirror so they blast their gun

Never mind them
You got job to do

When the wind blows
When the wind blows softly you’ll know
When the wind blow baby
When the wind blows softly you’ll know

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A Big THANKS to last month contributors – Associate Producers: Nicole Gentry and Jim Jerome.

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