Its about 11:42 on Friday night and I slide out of bed because I couldn’t sleep. I grabbed some popcorn, a caffeine free diet root beer and a DVD – “It Might Get Loud.”

This is the first time I watched it, but damn, every time I watch it I get jacked up and wanna play guitar, make music, create something, etc. Now I really can’t sleep, but that’s ok (at least until the kids wake me up in the morning). That’s when the good stuff comes out.

I was thinking about how freakin amazing it is that the contents of a small plastic disc can plant a seed. Plant it, water it, and feed it – as long as you let it. As long as you let grow. Let it take you where it needs to take you.

After watching the show I have a whole new appreciation for Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. They were like kids sharing their inspirations telling their stories, playing tunes and, from what i can tell, truly enjoying the company of the other two. Watching others artists create is infectious.

Hell, if you are a musician and this movie doesn’t will you to pick up an instrument, then you better check your pulse. And if your are not a musician and this movie gets you pumped, there is a musician inside begging to get out. LET HIM (OR HER) OUT DAMMIT!

I guess the the moral of this late night ramble is…ah…um…do yourself a favor and watch “It Might Get Loud.” Then pick up your guitar or go buy one (or not, check out the classic opening scene below). Join the fun.

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