Just wanted to give you an update about what I’ve been doing, what I plan on doing and take a moment to thank you for all of the positive feedback.

To start with, I have been writing songs like a madman. The BIGGEST reason for this, Other than some of the reading I’ve done on the craft of songwriting, is all of the great feedback you’ve given me for “How To Change The World”. It is amazing how positive feedback and support from good people like you can really fuel the fire (which is a lesson I can use as a father when I’m encouraging my kids).

Speaking of positive feedback, I would like to thank Chris, Marcy and Steve for the great comments they made about me and my songs (I’ve added them to the homepage for everyone to see). Thanks guys!

Next, other than a small set out at Keith and Kyle Rhoden’s party a few weeks back (a big thanks to them), I haven’t played live. I am beginning to get the itch pretty bad and I am putting together some contacts so that I can start making calls to a few local establishments. I am on the hunt for a new PA system so that I have more option when I begin booking shows. I want to be able to play anywhere and investing on some equipment will give me a chance to do just that. Best of all, it will give me more opportunities to share a drink and a conversation with you.

If you have any ideas on where I could play, let me know – contact me here. I am open to all kinds of suggestions.

Finally, I apologize for the lack of new music. The studio I am working with is very busy and in the middle of a move. Hopefully I can get something scheduled for September to get back in the studio. In the meantime, I will be sending out a live recording of a cover song by Bob Seger called “You’ll Accompany Me”. So be on the look out for that later this week or early next.

That should do it. Thanks again for the positive feedback. See you soon.

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