Creative Commons License photo credit: Phuc Vinh Tran

I am first and foremost a songwriter but from time to time I like to create poems from lines and ideas that don’t seem to want to have music put to them.

I’m not sure if it is good or not since I am not an authority on poems,but for what its worth, here’s one I did a few months ago.

It is a tad gloomy, but it is 100% honest. And besides, life can’t always be sun tans and pina coladas. Hell, it is those below zero days in the winter that makes that summer sun feel that much better.

Here’s the poem:

“Just A Little”

I die just a little when I sit in this chair
Everyday just a little cuz I know i don’t care
On the wrong side of the glass to breath the fresh air
Gaze through the window and soak in dispair

I rinse and repeat day after day
Curse all the weakness that begs me to stay
A once sunny soul in quicksand decay
How much can I take before I just walk away?

That’s it.

If you have any comments – like “You should just stick to songwriting” or “Hey, you might be on to something here, gimme more” – just let me know below or shoot me an email (always love to hear whats on your mind).

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